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The Rakken Accession Alaska

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Julien had excused himself to go call the other pack members, filling them in as he planned to do so and Im sure request the other pack members for help. Only Dean and I remained at the dining table and in the room. Dean still appeared to be processing the whole discussion; I was too but more about how it could all go.

Even with Katy there I feared and worried what would happen if Daven was to show up. I know how badly Julien wants to take care of him and be done with it but with how Daven is; I was just worried about other possibilities.

\Since Im apart of your pack and your the future Luna I would like to request you don go to Alaska. Julien can handle this.\ Dean made his request and explained his reasoning, one I was very aware of and used to hearing already.

I looked over at him however, knowing that would not even be a remote option if I wanted to.

\Don worry; I already know Juliens plan doesn involve me.\ Despite me doing most the work in getting to this point of knowing his location for a plan to even be put into place. \Everyone has made it abundantly clear.\ Daven is my enemy and I should steer clear of him or any danger for that matter.

And there was nothing I could do about it until I learn more magic.

Dean sighed, knowing how many times him and Julien shared the opinion and agreed on it. The whole pack can see it if they can.


e a literal witch Pax, the only reason you should be careful is because they are werewolfs.\ Dean lowered his voice before his speak took off. \They can freaking shapeshift into wolfs.\ He broke it down, that being the part he feared too; not just for me.

I nodded getting that part, it still made me feel weak; I thought I was the only one. What else could be out there? What else could further the proof of how little I knew? For all I knew one of the unread pages in my new grimoires could hold more information.

\Do you wanna come upstairs with me well Julien takes care of his alpha business? I wanna look over the grimoire he gave me.\ There was just a ring to alpha business and it felt right to refer to it as so. Her spells may contain more information based toward werewolfs; being a pack witch after all.

\He gave you a grimoire; where did he get one?\ Although I told Dean they are incredibly rare it was seeming like they weren so.

\When Julien was younger they had a pack witch.\ I told him as I moved to stand and pushed my chair back in. Going to go read it whether he wanted to come or not but I knew he had nothing better to do. Or anything else at all.

He hurried to catch up to me once I made my way into the hallway and passed Juliens office. He moved closer beside me and lowered his voice to a whisper.

\And what happened to her; is there something we should be worried about?\ He asked, sounding truly genuine. Did he think Julien did something to her as a young child or something? It was clear he had no real strength as a kid, Ben a tell of that.

\No,\ I grabbed onto the railing when I reached the steps and began the walk up them. \She had a gift like my mothers; but she couldn bring people back from death either.\ I explained to him and glanced back at him before we got to the top. Death was too much and too far.

There is no healing death.

\His mother?\ When I reached the end of the hall and opened the door I turned back to answer his question with a nod. He knew the rest from there without any more questions. The bond clear to him even without being able to feel it.

He entered the room and I closed the door partly before taking my shoes off and leaving them by the door. When I turned to go to my bag I noticed how Dean had already begun to look around. He had no control over being nosey.

It was harmless though and I knew Julien had nothing to hide so I just went to my bag, Julien had left it right on top of my bag, the book he gave me just underneath it.

I smiled but left that one there for now, nothing in there to help with my magic. Glad to still be able to finish at some point though and I had to remember to look for anything about silver.

\Okay so, hes got to be loaded right? I looked back to Dean, him standing in front of the open closet; holding the door open as he peered inside. He looked shocked as he glanced at me.

I did not know how his closet would reflect that but Im sure he is at least well off. He did offer to buy me anything anytime. I walked over though, still holding the grimoire to see exactly what he was referring too.

All I saw was a normal closet filled his clothes, nothing appeared to be screaming how much money he has. I nodded and looked to Dean before he stepped inside and gestured to where some suits were hanging. I hadn noticed them but there just suits and I shrugged.

I recognized them even inside the case that protected them, having seen my mother with some of my dads on many occasions. She loved having him dress up. From dinners with clients to just dinner dates. I think he likes it just as much as she does, getting to see her dress up too; how she lit up.

Dean then rolled his eyes. \These are Brioni suits, if he got these custom then he paid like twenty-thousand for each one. Just for a suit Pax.\ He explained and put the end on to really make his point. They are worth a lot.

\Maybe they were his dads.\ I offered him. \Or he got them for him.\ I imagine image matters as an alpha. There was a business aspect to it, meetings with alphas or maybe the elders. How did Dean even know that? Way out of his budget if he was looking for a suit.

My mom would buy nice clothes for me if I ever joined any of their occasions they deemed were dress up worthy. Juliens occasions held more importance; no doubt.

\Whatever money he had is Juliens now.\ I turned my head at his comment, insensitive given that Julien had better ears and he needs to start remembering that. Not to mention his death recent and not an easy one.

Dean mouthed one of his favorite swears and bit his lip as a way to seal it, despite having already said it. He thought of the second best thing he could do based on his idea and hurried from his closet, shutting it when I followed him a sigh.

He spoke before he thought, before his brain could think about what else his words could mean or how they could hurt someone. That someone being Julien who had been nothing but kind and helpful. Not just to me.

\He probably listens to everything when your around.\ He started a bit of a panic but I waved my hand in front of his face, from his forehead to chin. After all these years I no longer needed to use my magic to calm him. A placebo effect taking place at some point after doing it so many times.

He let out a breath, easily calming himself after I did so and I gave him a look before speaking. \Hes probably busy with his calls.\ I told him, knowing when he had something he needed to do he had to focus on that. I had no idea if he could do both though.

Either way, he knew Dean didn mean to be cruel with his words.

Julien had been too busy with his phone calls, feeling confident enough to put his focus fully onto it. Everyone here would protect Pax, with or without the ceremony they considered her to be their Luna. Only on occasion would he listen in, between the calls; just to hear Paxs voice.

How easily she derailed his thoughts during so though. He would much rather just spend it with her, doing whatever she would want on this earth. Tonight he would call those he wanted their direct help and tomorrow when Pax heads home he will call a pack meeting.

Easy to do so when everyone in his pack lived within the territory.

\Im gonna head into town, get more stuff for smores so if any one else wants some there is plenty.\ Dean spoke quickly and took his truck keys from his back pocket, not giving me much time to argue as he rushed over to the door and fully opened it.

I closed my mouth, giving up when he rushed out. Set in his way even if I had tried much harder.

I looked around the room, suddenly and unexpectantly left alone. I sighed before I looked at the grimoire in my hands, no reason Julien and I couldn be busy together. I closed his door as I made my way into the hallway. Leaving it how I had found it.

I could sit in the chair on the other side of his desk and read, able to do so without disturbing him. At least I hope I wouldn be a distraction but all I was going to do was read or try to.

He had left the office door open partly and when I pushed it open he was not on the phone but holding his with one hand as he wrote something down quickly; pausing when he looked up at me.

I gave him a small smile before I closed the door how he had and moved to sit across from him. I pulled my legs onto the chair before I went to open the grimoire but he was still looking at me, his actions paused.

A small smile on his lips.

\Go about your alpha business like Im not here.\ I said and opened the first page, ready to read when he was no longer distracted by me. His smile grew at my words.

\Alpha business?\ He asked, finding my choice of words amusing. I smiled now too before I sat up a bit and nodded. He is an alpha, taking care of something that must be done. Therefore alpha business fit perfectly. A small chuckle came from him before he placed the pen down and moved to stand.

\Im not here to distract you Julien.\ I really just wanted to sit with him until he was done. He still walked over to my chair. I gasped when he picked me up; in the chair and placed it beside his.

He kept his hands on the arm rests and leaned onto them, getting ever so closer. \Thats better.\ He smirked down at me before he moved to pull away but I caught his hand. He simply could not come that close and not kiss me.

He smiled again, upon me doing so and stopping him. I tugged his hand to pull him down and closer but I sat up even more to meet him. Our lips gently met in one simple soft kiss but it was all either of us needed for now.

We both pulled back, smiles on our faces as Julien moved to sit back down. He picked up his pen again but didn move to face his desk.

\What?\ I asked, curious as to what he was thinking as he looked at me in such a way. Still smiling and clearly in thought, the intensity there but not as it is when he wants to kiss me again. Seeming to always be there in some way though.

Julien looked down for a moment, his smile growing as he did so before he looked back up to me. \I just; never knew how absolutely perfect you really would be.\ He sat back, leaning into the chair. \I didn have any expectations but...youve managed to exceed them.\ He nodded, not able to understand such a thing but let out a sigh and another smile once he got it out.

I never expected to find anyone at all let alone someone being made for me.

\I thought I was going to be alone with Dean forever.\ I told him, admitting it in a rather low volume. Growing up it was made very clear how much of a freak I am to nearly everyone. Either being made fun of, left out or used for something.

Julien nodded once more, I noticed the barely a second flash to his other eyes. The bright blue ones that he had when he was in wolf form.

\Whether or not I found you someone would have made you happy, you

e not just beautiful because were mates.\ He explained to me, the thought bringing him discomfort, even having indeed found me. No chance anyone else would come close to making me as happy he does; as content. I knew I belonged, undoubtably.

Before I could voice any of that to him his phone rang, we both looked to it and I nodded once he looked back to me. He should take it. He gave me a small smile before picking it up and placing his hand that held the pen onto my thigh. Holding me there as he moved to answer.

This was indeed a call he should have picked up. One of the wolfs he was seeking help from had called him back. Julien on occasion well he finished his other calls as well would take his hand to write something, always putting it back when he wasn using it.

In the time it took for him to finish, Dean returned from his trip to the store, having gone back down and up the mountain to do so. I had gotten no where in the grimoire, her style much harder then I thought It would be.

Her style felt more like a riddle then actual sentences or spells. Its almost like she was worried about someone else getting ahold of it; someone who understood the basics of magic but why would that be something shed worry about? Perhaps I would ask Cassie more about her, see if she knew why her style was so complicated.

\You can tell Dean to stop freaking out,\ Julien nearly chuckled as he stopped me just before we both were to leave his office. \But Cassie is making dinner so we can do the smores after that.\ He told me, having heard every word once again.

He placed his hand on my lower back once I nodded and gave him a small smile before we fully left the office together. I knew what I was doing to myself. I was making it harder by continuing our trip here, all the time we are and going to spend together. I was ruining myself impossibly more then ever.

I just needed to be near him, spend the time together even knowing this isn how it will be all the time. I could place myself at his side and never leave, never want to or even think about it. I wanted to truly spend the rest of my life with him.

Turns out the dinner was specially for me, everyone wanted me to have a birthday dinner; still celebrate despite everything else that is going on. Cassie even wanted to make me a birthday cake but Julien explained our smore tradition. I always had my cake with my parents so it was Dean and Is version.

I noticed during this meal how Dean seemed to get more comfortable with everything, being at a table full of werewolfs and knowing Julien held nothing against his previous words.

\Fires set up.\ Alex had yelled from the back door, letting us all know as we had waited for him and Nick to set it up, dinner finished and small chatting had filled the room before we all moved to stand.

Ben got very excited once Katy explained what a smore was, never having one before. Ben was going to get the first smore of the night and how ever many more Katy allows him. It was strange seeing even Alex excited for something.

He was more stoic then Julien, at least Julien wasn stoic with me. Alex was more closed off even with his loved ones. I could see how it hurt Cassie, clearly the death of his father changed him and his relationships.

Something I was understanding more and more, not taking it personally anymore. He only seemed to truly be himself with Julien and now Nick. Who he has also taken under his wing to help.

This was another moment where I just wanted to sit back and watch it all. Under the stars with a large fire everyone surrounded. Filled with talking, laughter and smiling faces. Not only nice to see among the pack but Katy and Ben. Something as simple a smore; a tradition started between Dean and I could cause all this.

I turned away from Katy teaching Ben how to cook his own marshmallow and on my way over to where Dean and Julien had stood I put together a smore, Julien still had not eaten one. I smiled upon Julien looking at me, both of them pausing their conversation.

I still was figuring out how I liked them being friends. Not sure if it was a good or bad idea, Dean knows everything about me. He seemed to always be dropping information, about me or events; like he had with prom.

I offered Julien the smore as Dean excused himself, going to make one for himself. \You have to try one?\ I told him but was mainly asking, wanting him to enjoy one.

He returned my smile with one of his own before he took it from me with a nod, finally giving in on my offers. I didn know how he could deny such a treat in the first place.

\Its good.\ He chuckled after he took his bite and saw how I waited for his reaction as he chewed and tasted it.

I smiled once again, glad he does actually like them. I sighed though, knowing how the night is coming to an end.

\Are you going to leave tomorrow after I do?\ I asked, referring to Alaska and moved closer to him before I leaned against him to watch the fire. He wrapped his hand around my waist and let out a sigh too.

\Yes.\ He answered simply before taking and finishing the last bite of the smore. \At the very least katys mate will be our side.\ I glanced up at him, knowing that means he indeed wanted to get Daven too; take care of him.

With a swallow I looked back to the fire.

I did want this to just be about getting Katys mate, not for him to try to rush in catching Daven for my sake. Her mate was in some way Davens second and would in himself be helpful.

I wish he had invited me, just to not go crazy over not knowing how things are going. At such a distance too. I would have gladly taken more time off school to join him, even if he had me stay back; not liking that either but still better.

Ben and Katy were the first to find their way back inside, the night catching up with us and getting late. With the night nearing its end Julien let out a sigh too. Both of us knowing that once we went to bed tonight we would be with out each other for a few days.

He would have to travel by car with Katy. Unable to run with the wolves just as I was.

\Should I put the fire out?\ I asked as I looked up at him, everyone else had gone to get ready for bed, most sleeping already after the extra time weve spent; standing beside each other under the stars.

The flame had already begun to dull and although I didn want our night to end I asked, wanting him well rested for whatever comes next in Alaska.

Julien looked down at me and after giving me a small smile he nodded. \I suppose we should head up; get some rest.\ He said as I dulled the fire to put it out completely. Not wanting it to start up again with how close it is to the house.

Once we made it upstairs I went straight to the bathroom to change from my clothes, not wanting to be in them anymore and put on something more comfortable. Julien too had gone into his closet after pecking a kiss onto my cheek as I got my bag.

Before I left tomorrow I would need to get the grimoire from Juliens office, maybe mom could look at it and have better luck; not telling me everything she knows.

As I came from the bathroom, changed; I tossed my hair now free from my tank top. Julien had laid down in his waiting for me, shirtless already this time. No longer waiting for bed.

God; his body! I had to look down and away to keep my face from heating up. Impossible to not see how not only defined he is but just how good he looks overall. I made my way over to the bed seeing how he folded his arms behind his head as he watched me.

My reaction to him so obvious anyone would be able to tell.

\You can look; if you want, anytime.\ Julien moved onto his side a bit when I moved to sit on the bed, its large size making it easy to be far away when just on my side. Not that I wanted to be far away but when he looked like a Romanian God it was hard.

I could look at him forever though, that offer a dangerous one. I smiled though, my face heating up only slightly as I looked back to him. He reached for me, moving to hold my knee that was closest to him; within his reach.

His smile had turned into a smirk before he scooted himself closer to me, keeping his hand on my knee despite being close enough to hold me anywhere else he wanted.

\It is one hell of a view.\ I told him, his smirk only growing at my comment and compliment. He knew it too, not everyone able to instantly metabolism everything they ate; staying in literal perfect shape.

\The only view I see is right here.\ He moved to sit up, across from me now as he moved his hand up to gently trace my cheek, moving my hair back as he did so and I couldn help but notice how his eyes flicked to my neck for a moment.

The side and spot he said is where he would mark. I knew now that he wanted to mark there so there is no doubt Im not only marked but claimed by him. Not a single part of me minded either. I did not care how it would look to everyone else either. Just another part of me that makes me who I am.

I have always belonged in this world it was only ever a matter of time.

\Soon, I promise.\ I told him, knowing I love him and I want to be ready for it all but the bite still scared me; not to mention what came after it, because of it.

His eyes landed back onto mine and he turned his head, not realizing what I had. \Soon, what?\ He asked and dropped his hand back down to my knee.

\To mark me.\ And to mate afterwards but that part was the main reason I was waiting. I of course trusted Julien it just meant so much. Both of our first times and I have no idea what or how to do it. Julien was already good at everything so he didn need to worry.

\Whenever you want, Pax; no rush.\ He nodded and rubbed his thumb over my knee. I know hes made that clear but It doesn mean he doesn want to any less. I literally catch him stealing glances in the exact spot.

I nodded though, my decision being soon. I wanted it too, everything that came with it, I just needed a little more time.

With a giggle Julien pulled me onto him, laying back onto his back as he did so. I looked down at him as I placed my hands on his bare chest, steading myself. His smirk was clear as he placed his hands onto my waist, supporting me even further.

\You know you should really be getting some rest.\ For the next few days. Without me as a clear distraction. His smirk turned into a smile before he nodded.

This time when he moved us he moved so he was on top. \Ill enjoy the view from here.\ He leaned down to kiss me once, pulling back despite me wanting him to very much continue it.

He smiled down at me again, seeing that clearly.


e the one who needs the rest, Im not going to Alaska tomorrow.\ I told him, explaining my reason and reminding him. Julien sighed at my words and moved to lay beside me, no longer above me.

\If we were just getting Katys mate but with Daven so close-\ He took his turn to explain it to me but Ive heard it all before.

\I know.\ I moved to lay on his chest and he moved to hold me. \Its not safe.\ I whispered into him as I closed my eyes. With Daven being so close; I could not be close to Julien.

Julien made a noise of agreement from within his chest before he rubbed my hair, gently playing with it on occasion. With how late it was combined with his attempts to relax me to sleep I was out like a light. This time I clung to him, not wanting him to be gone when I woke up again.

\Pax, its time to wake up baby.\ Juliens voice slowly entered my dream state before I realized it was him speaking and I opened my eyes. Still in bed with me. Holding me and rubbing my hair as he attempted to wake me up now.

I blinked a few times, trying to wake up before I released my hold on him to turn to my other side; not enterally ready to get up. Julien moved closer, pressing himself into me to hold me and kiss my shoulder before he fixed the blanket over me. Always putting it over me once I was asleep.

\Ive got to start getting a few things ready; do you want me to bring you breakfast again?\ His voice was low as he spoke, his lips still against my shoulder.

I made a noise, not fully a mumble or anything that could be understood before I grabbed ahold of his arm around my waist that held me. \What time is it?\ I asked though, getting my voice and waking myself up. If Julien wasn going to be in the bed then I would not being going back to sleep anyway.

I looked back at him as he looked up at the clock that hung above his bed. \Almost 11.\ My eyes widened at his words, not sleeping in that late very often; even days I had off.

I pushed the blanket off me to stand and Julien let his hold on me go as I did so. Needing to not only get up but we would be driving home soon. I had to get ready to and try to spend whatever remaining time I had left with Julien. The next few days going to be hard without seeing him.

\You should get ready too.\ I told him as I rushed to my bag, knowing how easy it was to stop and watch him and I felt his gaze on me even after he followed and got up too.

I would not mind if we hand more time; knowing we will when he comes back but its not just normal times. Daven had to come into my life at the same time as Julien so our time together was different as well.

We both were quick and knowing he was going to leave soon I could not eat; not feeling hungry from multiple sources. All of them involving Julien though.

Dean had already eaten breakfast with everyone, Julien had been awake for quite some time before he woke me up. I could not complain though; knowing he held me the whole time, enjoying that.

I did however force myself to eat a little bit in order for Julien to eat too. Not taking him very long to do so either. Once he did finish Dean was ready to start the drive back; normally to be back around lunch time. It would be just a bit past then but it was still time to leave and he gave me time for us to part ways and went to wait at his truck. Having grabbed the rest of my things for me to be ready.

\I love you.\ Julien told with a smile when I turned back to him, trying to be positive but seeing I was-am worried. I gave him my best attempt of a smile before I sighed and moved to hug him.

\I love you too.\ He moved to hug me back, hold me and kissed the top of my head when I rested it against his chest. \Don take any risks; okay, your are so much more important then Daven ever will be.\ I looked up at him, not any question in my voice; his answer needed to be only one-yes. Not a single extra risk for him.

He nodded once, this one his certain nod. He had no arguments for me. I nodded and leaned up to kiss him once. Saving our good long kiss for when he got back.

....To Be Continued In The Next Chapter...

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